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dry, cold, dangerous, etc. Today, in this blog post we will discuss something unique –taking cold items with the help of a cargo service provider. So, let’s delve in and get to know the basics of reefers, the container type that is needed to take cold items from one country to another. Not just that, in this blog you will also read how door to door services in UK are carried out for these cold items.


What is a Reefer? 

Reefers are containers with a controlled temperature. It is not any regular container. Instead, it is a huge container that is used to transport perishable food items. For example, seafood, flowers, frozen goods, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, etc. All such items need extra care during shipment. That’s the reason why cargo service provider tends to use reefers to comply with the special protocol and needs of such items. If they don’t do so, these items will lose their original form. Yes, they will damage easily. So, in order to maintain their uniqueness, contained with the most appropriate humidity and temperature are used.


Need of a Reefer 

Sea freight in UK is known for carrying and transporting non-perishable as well as perishable goods from the current location to the defined destination. However, when it comes to transporting sensitive items. Reefers are the only source of transportation.


How does sea freight in UK cater to the needs of reefers? How does a reefer function? What happens once the reefer reaches the destination? All these questions are important. Let’s delve in and get to know about it in detail.


How does sea freight in UK cater to the needs of reefers?

Reefers are taken from one country to another with goods that have special needs. Sea freight in UK like any other cargo service tends to provide holistic and meaningful services to goods that require special temperature.


Another question that is asked frequently is…


How does a reefer function?

First of all, you need to understand the structure of a reefer. These unique containers have automated chillers that throw and distribute air from the lower T-shaped deck. The design of a reefer is such that it undergoes severe conditions even in the transits. Not just cold, these containers also emit warm air to maintain extreme and unique conditions. Do you know what is the most interesting feature of a reefer? Well, interestingly, reefers work according to the needs despite the weather outside the container. Another fun fact about reefers is that they can adjust from -35 to 35 degrees Celsius.


By now we are sure you have gotten an idea about the unique structure and design of a reefer and other conventional containers for sea freight in UK. But let us repeat that other than temperature and carrying of goods that require a chilled container. Another difference between a conventional container and a reefer is based on size. Always remember that reefers are way smaller than any normal container. There is a unit that produces electricity which makes refrigeration possible. All the power units are installed separately in these reefers. Besides all these factors and key points. You should also know about their cost. Well, it is more or less 6 times multiplied by any normal container.


What happens once the reefer reaches the destination?

This is another query that is asked frequently. According to experts in the industry, as soon as reefers reach the destination point. A special kind of warehouse is prepared for use. This means the warehouse is not a typical one and comes with refrigeration qualities. Here, after stacking goods, the door to door services in UK are used with extreme care. Having said that, the kind of door to door services in UK are special ones for goods that need to remain cold or in a lower temperature.


Advantages of Hiring Reefers 

Talking about reefers’ dynamics and other important questions gives us a complete idea of its functionality. Now that we know the basics, it is best to get aware of the kind of perks a business owner may get through reefers. That’s why we have mentioned some of the most acceptable kinds of advantages below.


Advantage #1: It goes without saying that reefers have a self-contained option of refrigeration. Hence, the moment they reach the destination point. These reefers can absolutely avoid cold storage in the port.


Advantage #2: Perishables are not wasted to the degree it is wasted in normal, conventional containers. Also, goods transported through reefers are noticed to have an excellent shelf life.


Advantage #3: The availability of reefers is in different sizes and dimensions. That’s why they are not just amazing for sea freight in UK but they serve best on the road as well as air freight in UK.


Advantage #4: Loading and unloading goods from a reefer is quite easy.

Advantage #5: Reefers are far more durable than normal containers. These have the tendency to operate in the most extreme conditions.


Reefer Cargo Service Provider 

The cargo service provider has a massive role in which he is responsible for a lot of processes, procedures, and whatnot! He is the one who needs to take care of the cargo from the first to the last step. That’s the reason why his involvement makes a lot more sense. For example, he is the one who keeps a check and balance on the transportation process. Let it be anything from packaging to storage – everything comes under the cargo service provider’s duty. There is no room for negligence because reefer goods may hamper shelf life, appearance, and quality if not done the way they should.


Following are some of the steps of cargo handling.


Step #1: Storing and Packaging

Storage is the foremost aspect to look into. It is because the kind of storage needed for goods with special needs requires the best handling in the worst weather conditions. The carton boxes need to be robust to the extent that if other boxes are stacked on them, they can withstand the weight. Also, these boxes should have the potential to save whatever is stored in them to keep the goods away from temperature and humidity. Airflow, as well as ventilation, are needed while stowing cargo. At this point, it is a must for you to know that cargo services are of different types. Each of them practices something unique and different. For example, if we talk about transporting (exporting or importing) vegetables. They need proper airflow. Do you know why it is so? Well, this way vegetables stay fresh and can bear a couple of days on road or sea (in a reefer). ‍


Step #2: Handling of Pre-Shipping

In this step, the cargo service provider should remain crystal clear about the information given to the clients. What does it mean? It clearly means, that if you are a cargo service provider, there are certain things to be mindful about. These include; whether the type of information given to the clients is right or not. For example, weight and volume of the products shipped, countries from where the reefer leaves and the ultimate destination point, boxes or other types of packaging used, humidity as well as temperature requirements, etc. It is usually a cargo service provider’s responsibility to handle everything else identifying the most appropriate freight means (whether it is best to choose sea freight in UK, land, or air transportation), coordinating the shipment dates with the client, and making sure of the size as well as dimensions and weight of the cargo, etc.


Step #3: Pre-Cooling 

This refers to the most another important point – reefers don’t bring the temperature of items and goods. What do they do instead? Well, they uphold and preserve pre-cooled temperatures of items. So, what do these cargo providers need to know? First of all, they have to bring pre-cooled items in the reefer for stuffing in the reefer. Not just the items are supposed to be frozen or at the exact temperature where they can be stored. Reefer also needs to be pre-cooled so that the items don’t melt or destroy right after reaching the container. To maintain all these issues and concerns, “cold tunnels” are used. This is a facility where a duct is insulated tightly which prevents humidity and warmth.

Last Words: Temperature Controlled Sea Freight in UK 

Last but not least, we hope you have gotten a fair idea bout reefers and sea freight in UK cargo services. if you have any queries, don’t hesitate and let us know.

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