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Shipping to Dubai From the UK

Looking to ship goods and containers internationally?  Here at Messiah Freight, we have many years of experience in shipping to Dubai from the UK, providing you with quality tracking software and customer service that will make sure your shipping is hassle-free.

The best way to get started is to request a quote and whatever your needs, we’ll send you a guide quote within 48 hours and guide you on your next steps and the legal processes involved with shipping goods to Dubai from the UK.

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    Shipping from the UK to the UAE

    Our shipping services to Dubai and other UAE ports cover air and sea ensuring your cargo gets from A to B, or from the City of London to the City of Gold as soon as possible.

    Shipping goods requires more than simply arranging a shipping container. Our services include:

    • Door to Door Shipping
    • Customs Clearance at all UK Ports
    • Legal Considerations
    • Tracking updates and software

    We have used the same reliable shipping routes to achieve quick and easy shipping containers to Dubai for hundreds of customers across dozens of industries.

    If you would like to discuss your shipping requirements in more detail – why not book a discovery call with the team?

    Or read on for more information on shipping times, prices, and a full suite of services.

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    Shipping Costs from the UK to Dubai:

    FCL 20 sq ft from the UK to Dubai: £1900- £2100

    FCL 40 sq ft from the UK to Dubai: £2700 – £2850

    LCL from the UK to Dubai in CBM:

    • 1CBM c. £200 – £250
    • 5CBM c. £650 – £750
    • 10CBM c. £1100 – £1300

    All above quotes are for estimated costs. A full quote will be provided within 48 hours of your inquiry.

    As always, the team at Messiah Freight sources the best prices through their existing supply chains and has been negotiating on behalf of our clients for many years.

    Looking to set up a regular supply route from the UK to Dubai? Give us a call to discuss loyalty pricing for this route on +442045414340.

    Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

    Shipping to Dubai from the UK can take 3 – 7 working days if you opt for air freight. Alternatively, you can choose sea freight, which is cheaper, but takes longer – up to 4 weeks.

    Full Container Load (FCL) prices can range from £1900 to £2100 for a 20 sq ft container. However, the prices vary based on the time of the year and load, so get in touch and we will provide you with a full quote based on your specific requirements.

    When sending goods to the UAE, you’ll need to complete a commercial invoice alongside other documents that describe the goods that you’re sending. Our advice? Be as specific as possible. It’s better to provide more details than not enough. This will help ensure your goods pass customs smoothly.

    We have in-house Customs Clearance specialists, so our team can help you when filling out the documents; just give us a call at +442045414340.

    There are certain restrictions that you need to consider before you send items to the UAE. These include:

    • Listening or recording devices, powerful cameras and binoculars may require a licence for use in the UAE.
    • Cash worth more than AED 100,000 needs to be declared at customs.
    • There are certain restrictions when importing vehicles.
    • Artwork that contradicts Islamic values is banned.

    Refer to the Restricted Items in the UAE list or get in touch and our team can advise further.

    Here are some of the major ports that you can ship to in the United Arab Emirates:

    • Zayed Port (Abu Dhabi)
    • Jebel Ali Port (Dubai)
    • Mina Khalid Port (Sharjah)
    • Mina Saqr (Ras Al Khaimah)
    • Khalifa Port (Abu Dhabi)

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    So, you’re looking to send a shipment from the UK to Dubai, and we’re experts in doing just that. If you would like to request a quote then please fill out our inquiry form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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