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Through our global network of experienced professionals, Messiah Freight provides a comprehensive package of sea freight logistics services.

As an ocean carrier broker, we know the global freight market in great depth and have access to many different ocean carriers. The right carrier will be selected based on the client’s budget, time constraints, and destination.

Our experienced sea freight forwarders will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and without hassle thanks to their thorough understanding of competitive pricing and routing strategies.

Professional handling of your consignment will be ensured by our highly experienced ocean service team. Furthermore, our dedicated network of ocean and ground services allows us to handle pickup and delivery with ease. Our in-house warehouse can handle consolidations, and clients are kept updated on shipment status until delivery has been confirmed.

Port to Port, or Door to DOor

Your Sea Freight Partner

Due to our expertise as ocean freight forwarders, we can provide expedited services at the best possible price. As soon as you submit our online form, a member of our competent supply chain team will contact you to assess your shipping requirements and provide a competitive quote.

Our ocean services include port to port or door to door and we ship both LCLs and FCLs to suit your needs:

LCL – Less Than Container Load

Our LCL services can help you transport your cargo all around the globe. Less-than-container-loads (LCLs) are smaller shipments that don't require full container capacity. They are consolidated by combining shipments from different customers, thereby allowing for cost advantages and the ability to ship smaller consignments.

FCL – Full Container Load

Messiah Freight provides Full Container Load (FCL) sea freight services to our customers worldwide. FCL stands for full-container load and describes the transport of a container from the point of loading to the point of unloading. Depending on the volume, FCL can be the most cost-efficient transport mode for your business and due to the fact your container is only carrying your goods, we can send your shipment directly from A to B without any unnecessary stop-offs along the route.

Why Choose Messiah Freight By Sea?

Reliability & Protection

From initial handling to final delivery, our highly experienced team ensures your cargo is transported safely from its starting point to its final destination.

Cargo Insurance

With Messiah Freight, your cargo is insured so that any disaster can be covered.

Customs Brokerage

Besides logistics support, we also offer custom brokerage services for imports and exports of any kind.

Pickup & Delivery

We don’t simply arrange the ocean leg of your cargo’s journey but can provide door-to-door service to ensure a completed journey for your shipment.

The Advantages of Choosing Sea Freight

There are clear benefits of using sea freight services to meet your supply chain logistical needs. These benefits include:

Reduced Costs

In general, ocean shipping offers the lowest freight costs to shippers, especially over long distances. Ocean freight shipping costs can be 10-13 times less expensive than air freight shipping, according to some of the World Bank’s estimates.

Cargo Efficiency

Shipments of all sizes can usually be accommodated by sea freight companies. Smaller shipments may be grouped together with other cargo to fill a container, allowing transportation costs to be shared. One or more containers can be filled with larger cargo, giving shippers unmatched bulk options. Want to shift awkwardly sized cargo such as cars, or heavy machinery? No problem – ocean shipping carriers can accommodate almost any sized and shaped cargo.

Lower Environmental Impact

When compared to sea shipping, air and many other forms of transportation have much higher carbon footprints – a definite disadvantage for the environment. Ships, on the other hand, provide the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation and produce fewer grams of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported than any other shipment method. These already-low emissions continue to trend downward as technology advances, new ships come online and as liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered options are utilised.

Our Sea Freight Shipping Routes

At Messiah Freight, we specialise in shipping cargo to and from the UK, Pakistan, Dubai & China. We do offer bespoke shipping support for other countries, but our specialist focus on these four routes ensures that we can secure the best possible prices possible for our clients.

By following our client’s budget, time constraints, and destination, we ensure that the right carrier is selected. In addition to our thorough knowledge of competitive pricing and routing strategies, our experienced team of ocean freight experts ensures that your cargo reaches its destination on time and hassle-free.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Sea Freight?

    Sea freight involves the transport of large amounts of goods by carrier ships. After the goods have been packed in containers, they are loaded onto a vessel. Sea freight is cost-effective for transporting large quantities over long distances due to its capacity to carry approximately 18,000 containers.

    How to Calculate Sea Freight Costs?

    Ocean freight charges are calculated based on base rates established by freight and shipping companies. A Full Container Load (FCL) charges are generally based on the container size, such as 20′, 40′, or 45′, and the type of container – refrigerated or non-refrigerated.

    LCL consignments are charged based on their weight or volume, whichever is greater. LCL base rates are calculated by multiplying the weight in tons or volume in cubic metres (CBM) by the freight company’s LCL base rate.

    Is Sea Freight Cheaper Than Air Freight?

    Sea freight is vastly cheaper than air freight.  If cost reduction is at the top of your list of priorities, then sea freight shipping might be your best option. Despite longer shipping times and increased possibilities of delays, sea freight can be 10-13x cheaper than air freight.

    What Is Freight Forwarding?

    Essentially, freight forwarding is the strategic planning and execution of logistics for international deliveries on behalf of the shipper. Freight forwarders are responsible for negotiating freight rates, tracking containers, preparing customs documents, and consolidating shipments.