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Importing your goods through customs can be a minefield. At Messiah Freight, we’ve been helping companies with customs clearance at UK ports for over 15 years.

From pre-arrival checks to onward routing, we are on hand to help you with all the paperwork and organisation necessary to ensure that your goods pass through customs and reach their destination without delay.

Our Custom Clearance Services

We have a team of highly experienced customs agents available 24/7 to help you with your customs clearance.

Messiah Freight specialises in all customs entry types & can offer expert advice on: Export/import entries, SAD Tariff codes Port health IPR/OPR Deferring payment of the custom charges Trade with European Union members CFSP Reliefs Your account manager will work with you to ensure that you have completed all last-minute checks and can enjoy a streamlined customs clearance process.

How It Works

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We Handle Compliance

Once we have your shipment data we will spring into action and our expert customs agents will produce all the required paperwork to make sure that you are fully compliant.

Customs Cleared

We’ll ensure that your shipment passes customs clearance and is onboarded to its final destination.

UK Ports

UK Wide Customs Clearance

We cover customs clearance at all major UK ports ensuring that. Our customs agents have vast experience in handling customs at ports including Felixstowe, Dover, London Gateway, Southampton, Grangemouth, Tilbury, Thames port and Greenock.

Before You Arrive

Pre-Arrival Customs Clearance

Importers can begin clearing their goods through customs before they arrive at the point of entry through pre-arrival customs processing. Because the paperwork has already been completed, the shipment can be pre-approved and processed much faster when it arrives at its destination. Our team at Messiah Freight will ensure that all checks have been completed to enable expedited clearance. 

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No need to stress about costly delays at ports or non-compliant paperwork. With Messiah Freight’s customs clearance expertise, we can ensure a smooth customs process providing you with the time to focus on what really matters for your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is customs clearance?

    All goods entering or leaving the country must undergo customs clearance. It is through customs clearance that HM Customs & Excise can keep track of any due charges. This ensures that the correct documentation has been used, as well as ensuring that the law has been adhered to.

    Why should I use a customs agent?

    Importers and exporters use customs agents to facilitate an efficient customs process and be your point of contact with HM Customs. Our agents are very familiar with Customs rules and regulations and are therefore best suited to assist.

    How long does customs clearance take?

    The customs clearance process can vary from shipment to shipment and depends on the type of goods imported. To ensure that declarations are accurate, certain products may require additional documentation checks or a physical examination during the customs process.

    What supporting customs clearance documentation do I require?

    Essential documentation would include:

    • Shipping Document ( Bill of Lading)
    • Supplier’s Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List

    For specific goods, the following documentation may be required, for example:

    • Certificate of Origin
    • Preference Certificates
    • Health Certificates ( for foodstuffs etc )
    • COA
    • Organic Certificate

    How much does customs clearance support cost?

    Our customs clearance support varies depending on the scope of the shipment. On completion of your form, one of our agents will be in touch to discuss your specific needs.