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Cargo Shipping from the UK to China

Looking to ship cargo from the UK to China? At Messiah Freight, we have years of experience in shipping door to door and door to port from the UK to China, and our friendly customer service and tracking software ensures that your precious cargo arrives at its destination safely.

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    Shipping from the UK to China

    Our shipping services from the UK to China cover air and sea, ensuring your cargo gets from A to B, or from London to Beijing, as soon as possible.

    Shipping goods requires more than simply arranging a shipping container. Our services include:

    • Door to Door Shipping (Land, Air, and Sea Freight)
    • Door to Port Shipping
    • Customs Clearance at all UK Ports
    • Legal Considerations in the UK
    • Customer Service
    • Tracking Software and Updates

    We have used the same reliable shipping routes to achieve quick and easy shipping from the UK to China for hundreds of customers across dozens of industries.

    If you would like to discuss your shipping requirements in more detail – why not book a discovery call with the team.

    Or read on for more information on shipping times, prices, and a full suite of services.

    How Long Does Shipping Take from the UK to China?

    How long your cargo will take to arrive in China from the UK will depend on which method of shipping you opt for.

    Typically shipping from the UK to China can take 4 – 7 working days for delivery of cargo by air freight, and up to 6 weeks via sea freight.

    How Much Does Shipping Cost from the UK to China?

    How much your cargo costs to ship will depend on how much cargo you’re sending. It sounds obvious, but the more you send, the better value you can expect to receive.

    FCL stands for Full Container Load. In other words, if you have a lot of goods, you can reserve an entire container for your shipment. As a result, you won’t need to pay by cubic metre and instead will be charged per container. The added benefit of FCL shipping is that the whole container will go directly from the source to your desired destination.

    An LCL container shipping service can be used if you do not need to ship a lot of goods. LCL stands for less than Container Load. If you opt for this option, you will only be charged for a portion of the container, rather than the full container, and your shipment’s price is determined based on how much space it occupies.

    Shipping Costs from the UK to China:

    Shipping costs for this route are highly variable, changing weekly and often significantly.

    As such, the best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us directly.

    A full quote will be provided within 48 hours of your enquiry and we will also send you price alerts for when prices are low.

    Messiah Freight’s experts have been negotiating on behalf of our clients for years, and source the best prices through existing supply chains.

    Looking to set up a regular supply route from the UK to China? Give us a call to discuss loyalty pricing for this route on  +442045414340


    Air Cargo from the UK to China

    Messiah Freight has in-depth knowledge of the global freight market and choices of different carriers available. We ensure that the right carrier is chosen by following our client’s budget, time constraints, and destination. With our thorough knowledge of competitive pricing and routing strategies, our experienced air freight staff will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and hassle-free. 

    If you’re looking to ship from the UK to China by air freight, fill out the request form. All of our quotes include prices for both sea and air freight.

    Giving you the choice and freedom to decide how your goods travel from A to B.

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    So, you’re looking to send a shipment from the UK to China, and we’re experts in doing just that. If you would like to request a quote then please fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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