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At Messiah Freight, we provide a complete package of air freight logistics services through our global network of experienced professionals. 

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the global freight market and the choices of different carriers available. We ensure that the right carrier is utilised in accordance with the client’s budget, time constraints, and destination. 

With our thorough knowledge of competitive pricing and routing strategies, our experienced air freight staff will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and hassle-free. 

Our highly experienced air service team will ensure that your consignment is handled professionally, and our dedicated network of air and ground services makes pickup and delivery a breeze. Consolidations can be handled in our on-site warehouse, and clients are updated on shipment status until delivery is confirmed.

Air Freight

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Air Freight

Our expertise as an air freight forwarder is the reason that we can provide expedited services at the best prices. Once you’ve submitted our online form, one of our competent supply chain consultants will immediately spring into action to assess your shipping needs and develop a competitive quote.

Our air services include:

  • Priced-to-service routing and transit options
  • Small package to over-dimensional cargo solutions
  • Door-to-door service with overseas customs clearance
  • International origin consolidation and dedicated capacity
  • Next-Flight-Out, Critical Care, and Economy/Deferred service levels
  • International origin consolidation and dedicated capacity.
  • Next-Flight-Out, Critical Care, and economy/deferred service levels

Why Choose Messiah Freight By Air?

Reliability & Protection

Our highly experienced time has an incredible track record of ensuring your cargo travels safely from A to B, from initial handling to through to final delivery.

Cargo Insurance

Your cargo is insured with Messiah Freight so that in case of any disaster you can get your money back.

Customs Brokerage

Not only do we provide logistics support, but we also provide custom brokerage services for the importing & exporting of any type of air cargo.

Pickup & Delivery

We don’t simply arrange the air transportation leg of your cargo’s journey but can provide door-to-door service to ensure a completed journey for your shipment.

The Benefits Of Choosing To Transport Your Cargo By Air

There are clear benefits of using air freight services to meet your supply chain logistical needs. These benefits include:


Air freight offers the advantage of speed. The delivery or transportation of goods by air freight is faster and more convenient than ocean freight if you need them delivered quickly. Whenever there is a time-sensitive situation or if perishable goods are being shipped, air freight will be the best choice.


In general, air freight is a more reliable method of shipping freight. Neither air nor ocean freight transportation is immune from delays since inclement weather or increased demand can cause delays. However, the delay in air freight will not be as significant as that in ocean freight. Ships may need numerous days to get back on schedule because of issues at ports, while flights tend to be rescheduled fairly quickly.

Expedited Customs Clearance

In logistics, customs play a crucial role. In order for goods to reach international destinations, they must pass through customs. It is generally quicker for air shipments to clear customs than ocean shipments. Sea freight can take up to a day to clear customs, while air freight can clear in hours. The faster the clearance process is, the more efficiently the goods can be moved between locations.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Insurance premiums for air freight shipments are more cost-effective than those for ocean freight. By shipping by air, goods have shorter transit times and airlines have higher levels of security, reducing the risk of damage, loss, or theft. Consequently, the cost of insurance is determined by the reduced risk. Cost-effective insurance premiums for air freight are the result of increased security, reduced transit times, and reduced risk.

Our Air Freight Shipping Routes

At Messiah Freight, we specialise in shipping cargo to and from the UK, Pakistan, Dubai & China. We do offer bespoke shipping support for other countries, but our specialist focus on these four routes ensures that we can secure the best possible prices possible for our clients.

By following our client’s budget, time constraints, and destination, we ensure that the right carrier is selected. In addition to our thorough knowledge of competitive pricing and routing strategies, our experienced team of air freight experts ensures that your cargo reaches its destination on time and hassle-free.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Air Freight Shipping?

    Air freight is the transportation of goods via air carrier. Air cargo is flown on both commercial and chartered air carriers and is the quickest form of international cargo shipping when compared to ocean and land freight.

    Is Air Freight Expensive?

    According to the World Bank, air freight is 12-16 times more expensive than ocean freight, largely as a result of the lack of space on an air carrier when compared to a cargo ship. You get what you pay for, however -increased speed and reliability, expedited customs clearance and lower insurance premiums.

    How to Calculate Air Freight Costs?

    Air freight costs are based on three factors; type of cargo (size, weight, special cargo), its destination, and the speed of delivery. There are also additional costs such as cargo insurance, airline terminal handling fees, customs clearance, and security surcharges. The best way to calculate your air freight costs is to send our team details of your shipment and we will do it for you.

    Is Sea Freight Cheaper Than Air Freight?

    Sea freight is cheaper than air freight.  If cost reduction is at the top of your list of priorities then sea freight shipping might be your best option. Despite longer shipping times and increased possibilities of delays – sea freight is 10-13x cheaper than air freight.

    What Is Air Freight Forwarding?

    Freight forwarding is the strategic planning and execution of logistics for international deliveries on behalf of shippers. As part of their responsibilities, freight forwarders negotiate freight rates, track containers, prepare customs documents, and consolidate freight.